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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a requirement to put fire blankets around some semi-tires in our application. Our question is around how well does the material stand up to extended exposure to sunlight, water and freeze thaw cycles etc. Is it better to get a coated blanket for the environmental concern? Also after some fire exposure testing we may be requesting custom fit blankets for the longer application. Is that something you can do?

I would go with a coated fabric, either black WeldShield 2190 AF-B or gold WeldShield 2490 AF-G (see column choices 5 & 6 from left side of the table above) can be custom sized by clicking on "custom tarp configurator" link in paragraph above the table of stock sizes. An uncoated fiberglass or silica product could wick moisture and cause early breakdown of the fibers. Sunlight is no factor. As long as you are not talking cryogenic like temperatures, the cold should not have an effect on the blankets once they return to a reasonable temperature. They will get brittle at very low temperatures, below 32 degrees F, but would retain their resistance to slag, sparks, etc.

I'm looking for a welding screen, would these work for this application?

No, we would recommend you take a look at our other site dedicated to Welding Screens.

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